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Since 1991 Mac Leads have been generating interested (warm) sales leads via computer phone surveys for businesses that do in-home sales. We also offer Voice Broadcasting (Robo-Calls) of customized messages for most any size campaign ranging from 500 to 1,000,000 or more calls per day. We offer many forms of campaign message types including, but not limited to political campaigns, new product and services offerings as well as customer reminders, non-profit organizations and charity events, local and regional government announcements, etc. We also generate warm sales leads.  Warm leads are the names and phone numbers of people who responded to your telephone computer surveys with requests for more information on your products or services.  We have generated new homeowner leads for residential water treatment companies (homeowner water test leads), energy saving home improvement contractors (home energy audit leads), residential solar energy (home solar evaluations), indoor air purification and more.  Our successful track record allows us to offer a minimum warm lead quota guarantee specific to your industry.  Some restrictions may apply. Call us for details.  We always complete your entire dial period order, even if we’ve already met the minimum sales leads volume guarantee.

We have over 25 years experience successfully working with business to business and business to consumer, especially businesses that do in-home sales and services. Count on us for ease of use, fast start up, flexible services, no long-term commitments and reasonable prices. We have a strong telemarketing background and are great at advising your appointment setters on converting your warm sales leads into appointments. We also can provide access to professional appointment setters, if needed.  We’ve worked with many types of companies. We can tap a wealth of information from all the clients we’ve done business with to create the campaign that's right for you. Our company is easy to reach and quick to deliver, so contact us today!

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Due to increased competition, most businesses must contact up to three times more people now to generate the same sales volume as they did in the past.  In this challenging economy, doing the things you’ve always done is not enough anymore.  Businesses that maximize their resources will be the ones not only beating but far surpassing their competitor's success. Let us go to work for you so you can spend more time doing what you do best -- SELLING!  Space is available on a first come first served basis.  Our promise to you -- we will service no more than one client from any single industry per territory or geographic area at one time.  Want fresh new homeowner leads delivered daily? Want them delivered to your inbox only? Get the jump on your competition and call today to reserve your space!

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